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About us

 Welcome to Toycome!

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   It will be a wonderful journey in Toycome, you will find more interesting toys, coolest gadgets and electronics, so that you will feel the door of creative world be opened for you, the dream of Childhood for science and technologys awaked now.

   Toycome is a innovative B2C company in China, the innovation of Toycome is that we introduce the High Popularity and Praise products in world market to our customer, so that make our customer to get the great Toys and Electronics easily in the market of China.  in traditional B2C market, the seller list all of the products with catalogue, for example, in the catalogue of RC Helicopter, they list       all of the helicopter from brand to manufacturer, it will  be huge difference with quality and price, some products maybe isn't in favor of customer, but Toycome change this situation, we don’t want to our customer be hard to choice the great one in the sea of products, we will investigate the Cost performance, the Market popularity and Praise degree of every products by our investigators, after we get all of the datas, we will decide to pass it. In general, the actual data is very hard to get by the customer in the foreign country.

   The team of have 5 years B2B experience in the toys and electronics, we have 40 stable suppliers for the area of toys , electronics and gifts, many of them is the excellent ones in China, so we could supply the new mould and high quality toys to you. Additional, our professional service team, has more experience in B2C online shopping. The outstanding distribution systems, website technologies, to fulfill our customers' orders in efficient.

   At today, the demand is in the hand of the customer, so we know the satisfaction of customer is very important for us to get the market, we will looking for the cool toys and gadgets constantly, and the new mould of them appear fast in China these years, we think our company will be the great platform to show them for you.

Why choose TOYCOME.COM ?  

  Varieties products
   More new products will be added to constantly. The purchasing team search new items continuously, and ask for our supplier to update the now products every week, so that our customers will get the new information immediately.

  Competitive price
  Our platform is the direct agency of the manufacturer, and we get the products from the the factory directly, so we will offer the best price for our customers.


 Safe and Easy Transactions
  Our Platform supports the online transactions with safe, easy, and automated solutions. The easy operation will be save more you time, and the whole operation will be on the safe web environment.  

  Good Customer Service
  We think the communication with our customer is so important, so our team will reply your inquiry and information at right, and we hope get more your opinion sincerely.

  The lead time is so critical for our customer and our company, so we will make sure it.'s mission
 You will choice Toycome when you want to buy something online.

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