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1. Why the prices of Toycome are so low?

2. If my password forgotten how to deal with?

3. What is my order status? How long will take to process my order?

4. What currency is the price in?

5.  What payment methods are accepted?

6.  Why the amounts received is less than what I paid in Bank?

7.  When payment page displays an error, what should I do?

8.  Why was my PayPal payment declined?

9.  Which types of products are embargo in express delivery?

10. I haven’t received my package 20 days after shipment.

11. Why was I asked for a "CPF" number?

12. How do I calculate the shipping cost?

13. Are there any additional fees involved in international shipping?(TNT, DHL,UPS)

14. Why isn’t the tracking information for my order available online?

15. How do I return an item?

16. Have you received my returned items?

17. I received an incorrect item.

18. An item is missing from my shipment.

19. An item was damaged during shipping.

20. I've returned my item; how soon will I receive my refund?

21. My order hasn’t been shipped 7 business days after payment.

22. Why was my order partially shipped?

23. Why is my order still in the processing stage several days after order completion?

24. How do I cancel my order?

25. My order is not in my Toycome Account.

26. Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order?

27. I want to make wholesale order, can I get more discount?

28. How to get Toycome points?

29. Can I use different coupons for the same order at the same time?

30. What is the rate to exchange Toycome Points for amount?

31. How do I write a review?

32. Why should I create an account?